Healthcare Resources in the City of Tampa, Florida

Tampa proper is fortunate to have many high-quality options in terms of both physicians and hospitals.  For patients that prefer to do a bit of research on their healthcare choices, the government maintains a very useful website called Hospital Compare, which provides an overall rating and details on performance for specific conditions:

I have listed some of the larger hospitals and their Hospital Compare information below:





With respect to physicians, there are many resources on which patients can draw to make informed medical choices.  If you have a longstanding relationship with a primary care physician (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or an OB/GYN) you trust, that doctor would be your first stop to get a referral.  There are also “best doctor” lists, but rather than using information about outcomes or performance, these lists tend to rely on how highly other doctors in the area rate each other.  Some view these sorts of lists as more of a “popularity contest”, though respect among peers is surely an important factor in choosing a physician.


Some local rankings include:




Some of the larger physician groups in the region have also banded together to offer higher quality care at a lower cost, through more effective use of care coordination and technology.  Information about this group, the Tampa Bay Health Alliance, can be found here:

There are no shortage of options in Tampa, a fact for which we should be grateful.